Medicaid Is a Big Number

By Attorney David Engler

Big Money

Medicaid is a means tested program. That means you have to be poor to receive the benefits. And fortunately for all the medical providers, drug companies, nursing homes and home health care providers, an ever increasing share of America fits the definition of poor.

60% of all nursing home residents are paid for by Medicaid. 37% of all childbirths are paid for by Medicaid. It is a joint state and federal program. The wealthier states receive 50% reimbursement and the poorer states a larger share. 67 million people are receiving some type of Medicaid benefit. The last national figures showed us spending 2.3 Trillion Dollars per year. That is a lot of pace-makers, nursing home stays, physical therapy visits and above all drugs.

When we see the candidates running for office talking about balancing the budget, they cannot help look at the fastest growing expense in our country. But it is not only the advocates for the poor who push back but the advocates of the wealthy who have made a nice living off of serving the poor with medical care.

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